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Event Survey
We'd love your feedback on the FOLK by the SEA.

Please fill in as much as you feel comfortable in providing.

2022 Folk by the Sea Organising Committee
part of the Illawarra Folk Club Inc.
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Q1 How did you find out about the Festival?
Q2 This festival is presented by the Illawarra Folk Club which also presents the Illawarra Folk Festival at Bulli. How many times have you attended the Illawarra Folk Festival before?
Q3 Would you return to the Festival next year?
Q4 Please provide comment as to why or why not?
Q5 What days did you attend the festival?
Q6. What was your accommodation whilst at the Festival?
Q7 How did you travel to the Festival?
Q8 What other attractions in the area did you visit?
Q9 What type of festival ticket did you have?
Q10 How many people were in your party?
Q11 How much do you think your whole party spent on the following?
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    The Club also presents the annual Illawarra Folk Festival held in January at Bulli.

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